2nd ELS Meeting on Leptospirosis & other rodent borne haemorrhagic fevers, Amsterdam 16-18 April 2015


Meeting on Leptospirosis and other rodent borne haemorrhagic fevers

Source: http://www.els2015.eu/

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to come to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in April 2015, to attend the 2nd ELS (European Leptospirosis Society) meeting on leptospirosis and other rodent borne haemorrhagic fevers.

Leptospirosis has a major impact throughout the world as a human and animal disease. Both human and veterinary leptospirosis is greatly under-diagnosed and under-recognized. However, the most conservative estimate is that leptospirosis is responsible for over 50.000 human deaths each year, and leptospiral infection also has a serious effect on wildlife, and on production and reproduction in domesticated animals. Bacteria of the genus Leptospira have unique biological features that deserve intensive study, to allow us to improve control of the disease and reducing morbidity and mortality of this neglected rodent borne haemorrhagic fevers.

Globally, resources for the study and control of leptospirosis, but also the other rodent borne haemorrhagic fevers, are highly inadequate. It is therefore important to encourage the exchange of information, and the development of international collaborations. This meeting of ELS will play an important role in bringing people together for these purposes. In this light, scientists working in related fields are also strongly encouraged to attend this meeting and present their work.

We hope that you can join us in Amsterdam in April 2015!