Partner 27 – Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Aliments (AFSSA)

The French Food Safety Agency is a public and independent organization contributing, through monitoring, alert, research and research investigation, to the protection and improvement of public health, animal health and welfare, vegetal and environmental health. The Agency also evaluates health and nutrition risks and benefits, through collective expert assessments and submits policy proposals to the French Ministry of Agriculture. The Agency coordinates the Med-Vet-Net network of excellence uniting over 40 European research bodies, participates in the EPIZONE (animal diseases) and EuroFIR (food composition) networks.

The AFSSA LERPAZ laboratory, located at Maisons-Alfort, is involved in reference and research activities on zoonotic or major animal pathogens. More particularly, the Virology unit homes national reference laboratories for bluetongue (BTV), African horse sickness, foot-and-mouth viruses, and also one community reference laboratory (CRL) on equine diseases, including West Nile disease. This laboratory contributes to several European networks, such as Arbozoonet (WNV), EPIZONE (BTV,...), MED-VET-NET (hepatitis E virus).

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