Partner 14 – Centre de Reserca en Sanitat Animal (CReSA)

The CReSA Foundation, Barcelona, Spain, is a private foundation created in 1999 for conducting research in animal health. The CReSA unites the human potential for research in animal health and takes advantage of a new technologically advanced building, with level-3 biocontention (BSL3) for conducting research with all livestock species, grouping efforts and pooling new resources in this field. Research and development programs within the animal health field, diagnostics, surveillance, monitoring, and scientific advisory functions are among the main activities of our centre.

CReSA is in charge of the Entomological and Epidemiological monitoring of Bluetongue in Catalonia (NE Spain) and also perform BT research in virology and vaccinology. Focussing on the aims of the project, CReSA Entomology and Parasitology Unit has expertise in entomological research concerning the biology, vector competence, morphological and molecular diagnosis of both suspected and confirmed vectors, vector habitats and the characterization and biology of potential agents which can be used as biological control agents. The epidemiology unit has experience in risk assessment of different diseases, including the estimation of the risk of Bluetongue introduction by different pathways. The group is also working in spatio-temporal models and in the analysis of the sensitivity of surveillance systems.

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