Partner 15 – Danish Technical University (DTU)

DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark. The National Veterinary Institute at the Technical University of Denmark conducts research in infectious diseases in livestock and makes diagnoses in diseased animals. The institute gives advice to public authorities and cooperates with them on the Danish veterinary contingency plan. The institute also hosts an international research centre for veterinary epidemiology (International EpiLab). The institute is the national reference laboratory in a number of areas including both bluetongue virus and the Culicoides vectors. National Veterinary Institute DTU encompasses all infectious animal diseases in farm livestock and companion animals. The main focus is on notifiable diseases, as well as other serious infectious diseases that affect farm livestock. The institute’s research on bluetongue is centered on spatial modeling of Culicoides and bluetongue R0 aiming at predicting the optimal preventive vaccination cover, and on bluetongue diagnostics, pathogenesis and virus characterization.

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