Partner 46 – European Agro-Environmental health GIS associates EEIG (EURO-AEGIS)

Euro-AEGIS, European Agro-Environmental health GIS associates EEIG, is a European Economical Interest Grouping (EEIG) founded in 2004 by Avia-GIS (Zoersel, Belgium) and ERGO (Oxford, UK). The general objective of Euro-AEGIS is to assist in the development of and promote GIS and RS products, applications and training in agro-environmental monitoring, disease surveillance and environmental assessment for sustainable development. The two member companies of Euro-AEGIS have a well established track record of collaboration with national governments and international agencies; GIS and remote sensing applications expertise; desk-top- publishing and website development; close contacts with the European research community.

Euro-AEGIS participated as the partner to the EDEN FP6 project “Emerging Diseases in a Changing European Environment” and was in charge of the spatial data management support for the 49 consortium members and the development of spatial information systems: Euro-AEGIS also was a leading partner of the ECDC funded V-borne project "Assessment of magnitude and importance of vector-borne diseases in Europe" and was awarded a one year bridging fund by ECDC to maintain the EDEN DMT assets and prepare for the development of a “European Environment and Epidemiology Network (E3)” to enhance the pan- European capacity to analyze, predict and respond to changing communicable disease patterns due to global change. Currently Avia-GIS is leading through Euro-AEGIS the ECDC funded VBORNET framework contract which aims at developing a European Network for Arthropod Vector Surveillance for Human Public Health.

In EDENext Euro-AEGIS will be in charge of further developing the spatial data archives and information systems of the consortium and will conduct research activities within the fields of (1) the wind-spread of bluetongue and (2) the spatial modeling of species biodiversity.

Contributors from Avia-GIS include: Guy Hendrickx, Managing Director, specialized in spatial epidemiology, the spatial modeling of VBD’s and the development of spatial information systems for disease management; Els Ducheyne, Scientific Director, specialized in the design of spatial species distribution and arthropod windspread models; Bart De Groot, ICT specialist, Web applications and software developer.

Contributors from ERGO include: Willy Wint, Director, specialized in spatial data acquisition and processing, and in spatial modeling of disease vectors and animal hosts; Neil Alexander with key skills in Website and data archive management, and in spatial data manipulation; and collaborator David Benz, also part of the Modelling Team, who focuses on remotely sensed data processing and management.

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