Partner 13 – Institut Sénégalais de la Recherche Agricole (ISRA)

ISRA, Dakar, Senegal, created in 1974, is a public and scientific institution aiming to conduct agricultural research to alleviate poverty and malnutrition. Its main fields of interest are in animal, forestry, fishery, horticulture and agriculture areas. The Laboratoire National de l’Elevage et de Recherches Veterinaires is involved in animal health and husbandry researches, specially by developing diagnostic tools and veterinary vaccines for a better surveillance of enzootic and epizootic diseases and the implementation of efficient control strategies. He developed African horse sickness vaccines used in the West African region. LNERV is the national reference laboratory for the diagnosis of the African horse sickness and currently developing competences in Culicoides for a better understanding of Culicoides borne-diseases.

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