Partner 38 – Kafkas Universitesi (KAU)

KAU, Kars, Turkey. Kafkas University, owing his name to Caucasia, where it is located, is governmental institution with educational and research activities. It has 5 faculties and 7 high schools with 12816 students, 468 academic and teaching staff and 385 support personnel. It is located in far Northeast city Kars. Kafkas University plays major role in regional education and research. The University is member of the Inter-University Cooperation Program, which is formed by 14 Turkish Universities with the aim of developing regional academic and scientific network in eastern parts of Turkey. It also has connections with institutions of the bordering countries such as Georgia and Azerbaijan, which is very important example of the international collaboration for regional development of the sub-Caucasian countries. Regarding this project proposal Kafkas University can contribute on ticks survey, animal/human serosurveilance and PCR detection of the TBD pathogens in animals and ticks.

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