Partner 29 – Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA)

METLA is an independent research organisation under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Vantaa, Finland, promoting ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry. METLA has a permanent staff of about 800. METLA has a long and scientifically wide tradition in forest zoology, especially in mammalogy and entomology, and forest pathology. The team of Prof. Heikki Henttonen (HH) has specialized on long-term surveillance and experimental studies on rodent dynamics, and on the ecological interactions of rodent dynamics and rodent-borne pathogens and parasites world-wide. METLA coordinated robo research in EDEN, and will do so in EDENext, and is involved in all processes of this vector group research (WPs 1-2). Haartman Institute (HI), adjacent to Biomedicum, is part of the Medical Faculty of University of Helsinki and has long traditions in research on zoonotic viruses. It also houses HUSLAB responsible for diagnostics of these viruses. The Viral Zoonosis Unit of HI (VZU) is widely internationally recognized and is a WHO reference lab. HI is involved in WPs 1-2.

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