Partner 33 – Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)

SAS, Bratislava, Slovakia. The Institute of Zoology is an independent entity affiliated with the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), the main scientific and research institution in Slovakia. The Institute publishes research results, cooperates with scientists and other institutes of the SAS, universities in Slovakia and scientific institutions in other countries. The Section of Medical Zoology of the Institute closely co-operates with related departments in the Institute of Virology and Parasitological Institute SAS within the frame of various collaborative scientific projects on tick-borne and rodent-borne diseases. Within the SAS campus, the research staff of the Institute has access to the BSL3 animal facilities at the Institute of Virology. SAS conducts research on epidemiology of viral (TBEV), bacterial (Borrelia, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Rickettsia, Francisella) and protozoan (Babesia) tick-borne zoonoses, molecular diagnostics, genetic variability and phylogenetic relationships of tick-borne pathogens and physiological and molecular interactions on the tick-pathogen–host interface.

Research experience in epidemiological studies of zoonotic viruses and bacteria. The Institute of Zoology is the contractor within the FP6 project EDEN (participation in the TBD group) and in the FP6 Coordination Action Project ICTTD3 and participated in the V-borne project funded by ECDC. The staff members also participate in a number bilateral projects (with institutions in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Great Britain), projects funded by the Slovak Research and Development Agency and other Slovak grant.

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