Svitálková Zuzana

Name: Zuzana Svitálková


EDENext Group membership: TBD

Supervisor or Team Leader: Mária Kazimírová

Institution: Institute of Zoology, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Member of project since: September 2011

Short description of project activities:

PhD student, research topics: Circulation of tick-borne microorganisms between vectors and rodents in a sylvatic ecosystem in the Small Carpathians, Slovakia.

Zuzana will work on the investigation of the emergence and spread of thick-borne pathogens such as Anaplasma, Babesia, Borrelia and Rickettsia, their genetic variability and relations to reservoir hosts in the Small Carpathian Mts.


Main skills:

Zuzana studied zoology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University of Science in Bratislava (Slovakia) and obtained her master degree in May 2011. Her master degree research focused on laboratory diagnostics of Giardia intestinalis and comparison of standard and new methods (ELISA, immunochromatography).


Are you willing to help other colleagues in EDENext, and if so in what fields or activities:

At present, Zuzana is learning PCR-based molecular diagnostic methods as well as methods related to field work (tick collections and host trapping) and will be ready to share her skills and experience with other students of the network

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