Welcome to the EDENext & VMERGE Data Portal

EDENext, Biology and control of vector-borne infections in Europe, is a research project bringing together 46 international teams dedicated to investigating the biological, ecological and epidemiological components of vector-borne disease introduction, emergence and spread, and the creation of new tools to control them.  For more details on the EDENext project itself visit the project website www.edenext.eu.

Much of our data is free to all.  To access publically available data please email edenextdata@gmail.com with your name, profession, institution, city, country.  With a short description of what data you require and what you will use it for.  Please include your affiliation to either the EDENext, VMERGE or other partner projects if you have one.

VMERGE started in December 2012, and runs for three years. The project will address the risk of emerging viral vector borne diseases in two main categories of arthropods known to transmit important animal and zoonotic diseases: mosquitoes (Aedes and Culex), and Culicoides biting midges,  through original and integrated multidisciplinary approaches to design new surveillance and intervention strategies,  including study of virus communities, vector competence mechanisms in selected vector- virus couples, the development of vector and disease distribution models, and risk maps.  For more details on the VMERGE project itself visit the project website www.vmerge.eu.

This  Data Portal is designed as an archive for spatial data and a resource for project partners posting data, tools and links to help them and other interested parties with their research. We continually add to the existing resources to aid the project members in their research, and aim to provide:

  • An archive of customised public domain data for EDENext and VMERGE partners to use.
  • A distribution centre for data produced by the research teams for use by EDENext and VMERGE partners.
  • A repository of EDENext and VMERGE  publications and results for distribution within and/or between sub-projects.
  • A showcase for EDENext and VMERGE outputs.
  • A source of hints, lists, utilities and tips for using geographic data.
  • An extensive directory of links to related content on the web.

Access to the site is available to both EDENext and VMERGE partners and the wider general public.  Permission to download datasets is dependent on user licensing and permission from data owners.  Many of the datasets are also be available to the general public for download as long as they register as a site user, so please register to create a new account, and then log in. If you would like us to add your data or content to the site please contact us at edenextdata@gmail.com or vmergedata@gmail.com.