Partner 26 – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)

CSIC, Sevilla, Spain. The Higher Council of Scientific Research (http://www.csic.es) is a Gov Agency. It is the Public Organisation most important of Spain with 126. The Doñana Biological Station (http://www.ebd.csic.es/) is a public Research Institute belonging to CSIC Natural Resources Area. Originally it was devoted to the study of terrestrial ecology. Our main goal is to carry out multidisciplinary research from an evolutionary viewpoint, on the way in which biodiversity is generated, maintained and how it deteriorates, as well as the consequences of its loss and the possibilities of its conservation and restoration. During the 6th Frame Program our laboratory was a research group in the EDEN project (WNV sub-project). The staff includes 2 Titular Scientists, 1 additional contracted Doctors, 1 Pre-doctoral student and 2 Technicians.

Dr. Jordi Figuerola Borras : Scientific Tenure. His research activities in recent years has focused on studying the mechanisms that promote and/or restrict local and long distance dispersal of plants, invertebrates and pathogens by waterfowl. Work with parasites has focused on different groups of blood parasites and pathogens, mainly Protozoa blood and West Nile virus and Influenza in wild birds. He has published over 80 articles in journals covered by SCI, 19 popular science articles, 12 book chapters and 1 book (see http://www.ebd.csic.es/jordi). Since 2006 he had been project leader of 9 projects on West Nile virus, Influenza and dispersal of toxic algae by waterfowl. Dr. Ramon C. Soriguer Escofet: Scientific Tenure. Research topics: the biology, ecology and genetics of game species. He has also conducted numerous studies on small mamals, conservation biology of endangered species, biomedicine and parasites. He has authored over 100 scientific publications. Among them, there are 7 books and 26 book chapters. He has the scientific responsability of a National Scientific-Technical Infrastructure. Along with Dr Figuerola share responsibilities at the current National Plan for Surveillance of West Nile of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture. Since 2006 he had been project leader of 7 projects on West Nile virus, Avian Influenza and mosquitoes and flavivirus interactions. Technical Assistant: EBD (CSIC) provided to the research group with technical assistants (1-2 according to the finacial availability). The senior scientists in the research group are a consolidate and multidisciplinary team. But its greatest value is the consistency of the group and the long experience of work of joint research and publications shared.

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