Esri webinar 18th June - Want to do more & reach further with your #scientificdata?


Want to do more & reach further with your ?

Esri webinar 18th June.


Scientific data is powerful. It drives research on climate change, energy assurance, space exploration, earth science, water monitoring/security, and more.  Science plays a critical role in enabling stewardship of the environment, promoting economic vitality, and protecting life and property—it can unlock the mysteries of the world. Regardless of your focus or affiliation— climate, agriculture, hydrology, conservation, geophysics, or oceans —analyzing, visualizing and sharing scientific data is imperative. 

Attend this online training to explore the value of integrating multi-dimensional scientific data with geographic information systems (GIS) to:

  • Effectively communicate scientific knowledge

  • Accelerate analysis

  • Address real-world problems

  • Increase the use of scientific data by non-traditional users and citizens