PALE-Blu 1km population layer GPWv4 and WorldPop UN adjusted

This population layer provides baseline GPWv4 population values which are replaced with worldPop data where available.  All values are adjusted to UN population figures where possible.  Please consult the excel file included in this download for more detailed information on the data by country.

This is the recommended 1km baseline population layer for the PLE-Blu project.  It is available to everyone who registes on the PALEBlu website.  See the home page for information on how to do this.


PALE-Blu Horizon2020 Bluetongue project kick-off meeting scheduled for September in Glasgow

The PALE-Blu Kick-off meeting is planned for the 5-6th September.  It will be hosted by our partners at the University of Glasgow.

The meeting will brings together European institutes with expertise in Bluetongue viruses (BTV) research and diagnosis, with partners in endemic regions (Africa, the Middle East and Turkey) that act as a ‘source’ for BTV strains that emerge in Europe.  The partners will be discussing the current state of play and plans for the upcoming three years for the project.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Tags: scheduled downtime today 18th Oct 2016

Please note that will be offline for maintainance this afternoon.  We will be applying some scheduled updates and improvements resulting from discussions at the project annual meeting last week.

e will let you know when we are back online on twitter with our sister projects email account @EDENextDMT

Thank you for your patiance,

The Vmerge Data Management Team



New MODIS TFA Products Available

The latest MODIS Temporal Fourier Analysis data is now available to VMERGE partners.  The latest dataset utilised version 5 MODIS data from 2001 to 2015.

As well as our usual long-period TFA product now to 2015.  We have also added two time slices for the periods 2001-02 and 2014-15.  It is hoped that these new products will allow project partners to compare changes over time to vector or host distributions or other alernative applications.


EDENext VMERGE Data Portal currently a limited service

The site is currently being updated.  During this time users will find they will not be able to log in and download data.

We will anounce here and on social platforms once the work is completed and normal finctionality returns.

Thank you for your patience.


Kind regards,

The Data management Team


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